A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Pirate Captain Polly Carmen Peg-Leg is one of the greatest pirates of his time. He’s strong, smart and a pretty nice guy. Over the span of just a couple of years, he has assembled the largest armada of pirate vessels ever. Unfortunately one day he lost his leg in a dolphin attack. His eyepatch on the other hand is only there to make him look cool.

Pirate Captain Polly Carmen Peg-Leg, during a fight between his armada and that of the British noticed a giant wave coming over the horizon. It’s a giant tsunami ! He’s too slow to outrun the wave but quickly, he built a makeshift grappling hook with his gun and some rope. He needs to get to his ship by going through all the other ones. On the way he’ll have to avoid obstacles and go faster than the wave. Don’t fall into the water, Polly is an aquaphobe! Get to the end of the level to escape the wave.


Paul Lyaudet: Programer

Thomas Rousseau: Programer

Charlie Morel: Sound Design & Core Graphics

Vincent Sosthène: Core Graphics

Séverin Jacob: Level Design & Storytelling


Wave Rush.zip 61 MB